CRM Software Application Integration

Xtreme Design and Engineering provides custom CRM development to businesses helping them streamline their operations for efficient management of sales and distribution activities, marketing and consumer campaigns, customer service and care, automated and secure documentation work-flow, and a smooth integration of different sub systems within an organization. We ensure that the final solution is well-equipped to handle varied requirements of your corporate infrastructure, for optimal customer relationship management.

Customer relations and flawless service are key parameters for a business, specifically in service industry. Organizations are always facing new challenges to meet increasing expectations of their customers. Xtremeltd leverages technology to show you a clear path to take it as an opportunity and give the extra boost to your business.

We have experts who can develop new custom software from scratch. However, we have experience to customize CRM platform such as MS Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM, or even integration and migration with SaaS as well.

Key Features

Some of the key features of our CRM development environment are:
    - We prepare detailed strategy and roadmaps including technical feasibility, risk analysis,   implementation issues, infrastructure requirements, and other key factors.
    - We provide application integration services where we integrate CRM solution to your existing sub   systems, leading to operational efficiency and increased productivity.
    - We have developed CRM for HR operations, sales management, collaborative business process   automation, finance automation, and automobile industry.
    - Our high level CRM implementation plan determines what technology will be best for your specific   requirements. We use diverse technology base, with equal expertise in .NET framework as well as   Open Source technologies.
For an enterprise solution as critical as a CRM, it is important for us to understand about your business processes, the work flow, the audiences, system behavior expectations, the documentation and communication process, and the existing technology solutions if there are any. Our business analysts and technology consultants have years of experience to discuss your business requirements and suggest the best-path solution to give you maximized IT returns.

Why Xtreme Design and Engineering

A few reasons why Xtreme Design and Engineering can be the best bet for your CRM solution needs:
    - We help you plan for customer-centric solutions, by virtue of our strategic insight into business   operations and mature development model that guarantees proper execution.
    - Our customer centric solutions allow you to experience better customer loyalty and satisfaction, and   increased ROI and ROR.
    - Integrated support, maintenance and Helpdesk services including onsite training for end users
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