IT Staffing Services

Xtreme Design and Engineering provides dedicated offshore product development teams that work as your extension, in our world-class development centers. We have professionals with excellent combination of technical skills, industry-wide experience in different domains, and familiarity with international project management processes.

Businesses often need technology support teams either to support their in-house teams or altogether new teams for their technology needs. This may be triggered by different reasons such as lack of specific technology expertise, infrastructure, or that the focus is on reducing development cost. The outsourcing industry research shows that businesses save as much as 50% to 70% development and operational costs when they outsource their technology needs to dedicated offshore development teams.

Xtreme Design and Engineering's global delivery model saves you all the hassles of hiring and training professionals. We can assign individual professionals for specific tasks or projects, or a complete project team that includes project managers, programmers, UI designers and QA professionals. We have teams that are working for clients in US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and in West and Central Africa.

Our Professionals

We have professionals with an experience in different technology base. They can take complete project ownership, or are available for specialized requirements such as for:
    - System analysis
    - Application architecture and design
    - UI and graphics designing
    - Application programming
    - Database programming, development and management
    - Testing
    - Project and release management
    - Support for helpdesk and maintenance
We have a whole process of introducing the right professionals to you, based on your specific requirements for technology, experience, industry-knowledge, and preferred engagement model. We setup a panel and screen the professionals to ensure the right professionals be available for you. Why Extreme Design and Engineering for IT Offshore Staffing? Have a look at how Xtreme Design and Engineering's offshore staffing services are beneficial to businesses:
    - Flexible engagement models, whether you want individual professionals with special skill or the   whole project team
    - Extensive screening ensures selecting the right team
    - No hassles for hiring or training professionals
    - Saves additional costs for salaries, and other allowances and benefits that your provide to your   employees
    - We stay connected with our teams, for any issues
    - Our confidentiality policy, and security policy and documented contracts ensure privacy and security
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